Norwegian Skrei – The King of Cod

On a boat on the icy Norwegian waters around Sommaroy, a small island in the far north of the country, a group of chefs are dangling fishing lines over the side.  They are hoping to catch the prized Skrei cod that populates Norway’s cool and clear waters between January and April each year.  The fishing expedition is being led by Michel Roux jnr, an ambassador for Skrei in the UK.

The prize the chefs are fishing for has long been one of Norway’s best kept secrets although Skrei cod has started to appear in the UK on menus of chefs who are aware of its superior quality.  Cod is often regarded as one of the most mundane of fishes but Norwegian Skrei is an altogether different proposition.  To be labelled as Skrei, not only must the cod have been caught during the spawning season but it also has to meet numerous standards that ensure it reaches the user in the best possible condition.

Skrei, which is among the most sustainable fish in the world, is a delicious, very white, juicy fish and is excellent for our current fish dish on our menu:

Roast skrei cod with rostii potato, buttered spinach, samphire and a fricasse of mussels, clams & prawns

You’d be mad not to try it!