Rest, Relax and Restore!

Rest, Relax and Restore!

As I’m sure you can well imagine, Christmas is a very busy time for us here at The Bustard Inn. The festivities start early and we dedicate the entire month of December to making memories for our wonderful customers. Therefore it’s only right that we take stock of what we’ve achieved (again, well done team!) and prepare ourselves for what will hopefully be a busy 2020.

After seeing in the New Year with some of our most treasured customers, and a few new faces too, The Bustard Inn closed its doors and we set about performing our annual deep clean! Everything was scrubbed to within an inch of its life and even poor Buster was hiding for fear he’d have to have a bath!

The decorations have been carefully stored away until next year, everything has been put back in its place and The Bustard is looking sparkling and refreshed ready for the year ahead. I know we’ve said it many times both here and on our social media, but thank you again to all of our customers who made this Christmas extra fun. It makes all of the late nights, early mornings and long shifts worth it to see that you’ve helped create a festive memory.

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2020!

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