Rob D (TripAdvisor), October 2021

Super experience all round!

Very good dining, exceptional service. Above all a really nice blend of smart dining but in a really relaxed setting. They’ve achieved a really good balance between making a visit feel special but without making it too formal, i.e: you’re very much able to relax but it’s still a restaurant worth visiting. I’m lucky as it’s local, but if I wasn’t, I’d happily travel an hour to get to The Bustard Inn; it’s worth it.

Place looks nice, proper country pub restaurant, food is stunningly presented. We had three courses, each and every one elicited an ‘oooh’ when it was put in front of us. Didn’t just look nice, everything was delicious too, cooked just right, good judgement of how many flavours and which ones would work well together.

Definitely an experience worth recommending, when friends come to visit from outside the area it’ll be our ‘go to’ place when we want to impress a bit but more importantly have a lovely night.